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You don’t need to dread routine Indianapolis fillings when you receive services at Eastside Family Dentistry. We make our patients comfortable in the chair, offering plenty of numbing solutions so you can relax during the procedure. You should not feel a thing when you are getting a cavity filled, and we will make sure of that! We perform fillings every day. It is a common procedure for patients in every age group: youth, adolescents, adults, and elderly. During our 30 years as dental professionals, we’ve performed thousands of fillings. We’ve stayed up-to-date on the latest technology, tools, and products that make our job easier and your experience more enjoyable.

Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery which helps us accurately diagnose your cavity needs. Most cavities are caused by decay in or around a tooth or multiple teeth. Fillings are needed because cavities are irreversible and severe decay will lead to bigger problems. This decay is visible with an x-ray and sometimes even can be seen with a trained eye like the dentist at Eastside Family Dentistry. 

Don’t procrastinate getting a filling! It is better to get the problem fixed and prevent major dental problems from developing. We use natural-looking filling material, and your filling will blend with your existing smile.

How Do Fillings Work?

Dental fillings have a simple name that states exactly what they do: fill. Cavities develop in the enamel of the tooth. In order for it to be fixed, the dentist needs to drill out the decay and then protect the tooth from further damage by filling the hole with a composite material. There are no harmful effects from this substance, and most often the dentist will use a tooth-colored material to fill the hole. Fillings are durable and can last many years with proper brushing and flossing.

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Eastside Family Dentistry is currently accepting new patients! If you are looking for a new dentist or have not seen a professional in many years, you should contact our office today to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in town. We provide many quality dental services including fillings in Indianapolis, crowns, dentures, and routine care.


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