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Dental Extraction Experts in Indianapolis

Dental extractions in Indianapolis can be a daunting procedure if you don’t know what to expect. As the dental experts, it is in our job description that we make sure our patients know about upcoming procedures. Our staff always confirms that our patients know what the next step is in the process. We always take necessary precautions to ensure your safety in the dentist chair. Our professionals have years of experience treating the most intense dental cases. We are confident that our services will fit your needs.  The most common type of extraction is for wisdom teeth and molars. This procedure can be pain free with the right medications and using the correct tools. We’ve performed thousands of extractions, and there is no need to worry when you choose Eastside Family Dentistry.

Extractions are also common when there is a decayed tooth beyond restorability and repair. This can be a more involved procedure because sometimes the decay has affected the gums or surrounding teeth. If you need a tooth extraction, a dental implant or bridge is recommended for complete healing, repair, and optimal appearance. We will discuss all these options at your dental visit.

What Does an Extraction Involve?

Indianapolis extractions are needed when a tooth is decayed beyond the point of restorability or is fractured, malformed, or unnecessary. We inform our patients about risks before any procedure. Extraction procedures are routine at our office, and you have nothing to worry about when you receive care at Eastside Family Dentistry. You will understand the entire process before you receive this procedure. Potential patients may wonder: “What does an extraction involve?” Here are some important notes about the procedure:

  • Simple extractions are performed under local anesthetic.
  • Surgical extractions require a more invasive incision.
  • Oral surgery typically requires general anesthetic.
  • Extractions are covered by most insurance plans.
  • Extractions involve removing the entire tooth (including the root) from the mouth.
  • Infections can occur after surgery and the dentist might prescribe antibiotics.
  • You may need a dental implant following an extraction.

Our office has updated tools and equipment to perform extractions with exactness. We do everything we can to make sure the patient is educated and comfortable before we begin. Schedule a consultation today if you suspect tooth decay or if you are experiencing tooth discomfort.


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